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In these challenging times, our yoga can be a safe haven, and our community – let’s build a family together and grow.

Online Classes

Rob teaches his weekly classes live through Zoom.

You can book at Eventbrite or MoveGB

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Classes are £6 or whatever you can afford. Subscription: a monthly price of £44 (£33 low waged) which includes all my classes. Email me or get in touch through social media if you want to subscribe!

Many of our classes are on YouTube. If you take any YouTube classes please like the video and subscribe to the channel as well, that would be really useful.

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Currently live classes are offered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. Times are UTC+0 (UK)

Download the latest schedule here.

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa: the most movement and fastest pace. Some more challenging poses.

Hatha: slower pace, more non-moving practices (eg chanting, breathing exercises). Some trickier poses from time to time.

Slow Flow: gentle movement and stretching focused class.

Slow Glow: a class perfect for beginners and those working with injuries or other restrictions. Lots of options and explanations and no judgement.

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About Rob:

Having practised for around 15 years and completed several teacher trainings, Bali-based Rob is sharing his own synthesis of yogas, gleaned from an inspirational group of highly knowledgeable teachers, study of anatomy and of the history & philosophy of yoga, and through many years of dedicated practice.

Rob’s Yoga

An online yoga community building strength, presence and connection.

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