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Take a deep easeful breath, soften everything, and exhale.

About Rob:

Playful, irreverent, inclusive, deep… These are a few of the adjectives we could use to describe Rob’s classes. A highly experienced yogi with almost 20 years on the mat, Robin has accomplished a 500 hour teacher training in Vinyasa Krama Tantra yoga with Yogasara school in Bristol, UK, a 300 hour advanced training with Carlos Tao at Radiantly Alive in Ubud, and 200 hours in Hatha yoga, also at RA.

Having now been teaching for five years, his style builds on the lessons learned from many wonderful practitioners he has trained with over the years to create a blend of masculine and feminine energies that focuses as much on self-expression as it does on anatomy and physiology.

Incorporating a blend of strength and mobility training and dance derived movements with a core grounded in traditional yogasana and pranayama, the purpose of Rob’s yoga is to find ease and pleasure in inhabiting the body, so that the mind may rest in the moment and perhaps awaken to the spirit.

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Rob’s Yoga

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